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The Data Protection Act contains eight Data Protection Principles. These state that all data must be: Processed fairly and lawfully; Obtained & used only for specified and lawful purposes; Adequate, relevant and not excessive; Accurate, and where necessary, kept up to date; Kept for no longer than necessary; Processed in accordance with the individuals rights (as defined); Kept secure; Transferred only to countries that offer adequate data protection.

The legislation underpinning these principles is extremely complex. It is not suitable for direct devolution to all the staff/managers who may have responsibility for personal data or for quick interpretation by the busy professional. Nor does it, on its own, provide a measure of compliance. Hence the need for supporting products and information.

The ideal tool to assist in tackling the act is the DPA Toolkit. This is designed to address the legislation from a variety of perspectives, helping you to ensure that you are fully covered.

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